• Masterclass: How to Travel the World and Make a Living

Learn how you can join a new generation of workers known as “digital nomads” who work from the road and explore the world at the same time as earning their living.


Bored and uninspired at work? Wondering what to do when you finish your degree? Find yourself wondering if you’ll ever be able to escape the rat race and follow your dreams? It might seem like a pipe dream from where you’re sitting, but becoming a digital nomad has never been easier – or more appealing.

Run by award-winning Guardian journalist and former Google content editor Lauren Razavi, this intimate masterclass will share practical insights into what it takes to travel the world and make a living at the same time, and outline how you can forge your own path that combines adventure and entrepreneurship.

During this three-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to build up your income and budget effectively on the road, look after your wellbeing while pursuing long-term travel, and achieve a good balance between productivity and pleasure.

This masterclass will help you to:

  • Understand different work options you can pursue while you’re travelling long-term

  • Build up a realistic picture of what it’s like to travel and work at the same time, and how being a digital nomad differs from being on a gap year or going on holiday

  • Learn how to be productive, no matter which country you find yourself working from

  • Think about the world globally and create a professional network that spans continents, not countries

  • Seek out relevant resources to help you plan your trip, get advice from others who’ve been there, and deal with the ups and downs of being a digital nomad

The course fee includes refreshments, VAT and booking/transaction charges.


Tutor Profile:

By the age of 23, Lauren Razavi had completed a creative writing MA at the University of East Anglia, won a national award for her writing and editing work, and been headhunted for a role in Google’s content strategy department. After graduating from university, she hit the road and combined her Google role with reporting for titles such as The Guardian, VICE, The Atlantic, Wired and Harper’s Bazaar from more than 30 countries.

In 2016, Lauren cofounded Flibl, a Norwich-based communications consultancy that today boasts a 10-person team and a global client base. From her first-hand experience of globe-trotting as a freelancer, juggling different roles simultaneously and launching a UK startup from Thailand, Lauren will share her advice on thriving as a digital nomad as part of the Flibl Masterclasses programme.

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